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Are you running off the tractor pump ? If so, obviously it has enough gallon per minute to run the mower as well as all else.
How many gpm does the cutting head motor require ?

Details like that are what I'm interested in as well as the mechanics.

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Been hanging onto this Pump for a project?

This is the Specs on it it was hooked to a 25 HP 1800 RPM Motor to run lots of small hydraulic motors on a Saw Mill. The guy built it as a prototype and it never was really used much and I got "3" Big 3 phase motors 15hp up to 25hp and all the other related hydraulic parts including the big Accumulators for this pump. I sold off all the stuff except this pump and the motors. One day I will find a buyer for the motors but the Hydraulic Pump always stuck in my mind it could run a pump, other motors ect off the tractors PTO??? I know they use this pump to run big DOT Snow Plows and Dump Truck hydraulic lifts.

Technical Information Series PAVC65

Pressure Ratings:
Outlet Port:207 bar (3000 PSI) Continuous
(P1)248 bar (3600 PSI) Peak
(P3)Inlet Port: 1.7 bar (25 PSI)Maximum
0.17 bar (5 In. Hg.) Minimum @ 1800 RPM

Operating Temperature Range:– 40°C to 71°C(– 40°F to 160°F)Housing Material:Cast-Iron Filtration: Maintain SAE Class 4, ISO 16/13,ISO 18/15 Maximum Recommended Mounting:SAE C 2-Bolt Flange Mount or Diagonally on SAE C 4-Bolt Flange Mount Installation

Full Flow 34 GPM 1800 RPM Max.
Weight= 28 lbs. PAVC%20Pump%20003.jpg PAVC-data_1_.jpg Parker-_PAVC65_-.jpg Motor%20Pictures%20004.jpg They used this 25 HP 1800 RPM Motor to drive the pump. I know my tractors PTO could be raised up to 1800 RPMs using a Generator type PTO Gear Box.
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