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i’m trying to learn enough about hydraulics to add a rear valve to the 1025r. I have most of it figured out, but there are still a few mysteries re thread types:
  • For the work ports, there are two adapter choices between the SAE ports on the valve body and the quick connects:. SAE ORB to SAE ORB or SAE ORB to NPT. Is there any reason to choose one over the other?
  • Same question as above for connecting the hoses between the valve body and P and R ports on the tractor. On the valve side:. ORB to ORB or ORB to NPT? What about on the quick connects (tractor port) ends?
  • I'm thinking that the low pressure return to tank line needs JIC type fittings so they can be tightened without twisting the hose.
I could probably simplify - is there ever a reason to select ORB vs NPT when either one would work?
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