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First of all I love my 1026R!! But the reason for my post is that I have had 5 hydraulic fluid leaks in 6 months of ownership.
Thirst 4 leaks where from the male quick connectors on the H120 loader. Everytime I disconnected my loader all the fluid ran out of my lines.
I replace all 4 quick connectors with new ones. You can clearly see that John Deere updated this part. Next leak cam from a pinched o-ring from the red female quick connector on the tractor side. My last leak came from a leaking yellow female quick connector. My tractor is finally dry. I owned an X728 before my 1026R and I never any problems with the X728. I spoke with John Deer customer service and they could care less. I just got the cooperate response that we will document your complaint.:thumbsdown:

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hopefully everything is sorted out now and you can rack up the seat time!

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