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disclaimer here; OP this is not intended to be an "I told you so" post at all.

I too, am just learning about hydraulics. A situation like this is why I grossly over paid for the JD factory kit (mine was for a 3 Series). I understand a top and tilt kit can be piece milled together on the cheap, and they work just fine for those that have done it. For me, I am pretty darn rural and local resources are limited, so is my time. Not having the luxury of time and local resources - I needed it to fit and work the first time. I bit the bullet and ordered the JD kit. It fits right and works like its supposed to. I will say, the JD cylinders are nothing like standard cylinders, they are 100% custom to the application.

OP keep us posted on the fix you work out. This is the type of knowledge I need to gain. I have other tractors I may do something similar to your setup on.
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