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Hydraulics 101

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I am putting the hydraulics on a 60" frontier plow. I will need to extend the hoses. Do hoses come with fluid in them? If not, how does the air get bled from them? Also does any thread compound go on threaded fittings? I have 2 pistons each with only one line going to them. I am assuming I can connected them to my SCV to use the stick to control side to side motion. I will forgo the tilt to get this. I am reluctant to get a 3rd function at this point.
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The hoses do not have fluid in them and they will self-bleed when you start using them, by forcing the air back to the scv and back to the tank.

Typically no thread compound is needed. They usually seal by using a flat face or an o-ring.

I believe your thought of connecting them to the FEL ports (and in turn, the SCV) is correct.
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