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I changed colors!!!!!!

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Hello everyone. Ive been a lifelong Ingersoll owner and finally had to breakdown and buy a brand new machine. My 1986 Ingersoll 224 has served me well for the last few decades but it’s now time to retire it.
I will be taking delivery of a 2021 x590 with a 54” deck tomorrow. I don’t know much about green tractors so I’m hoping I can lean on the community here for info and guidance on maintaining this thing. Ill also be looking for mod ideas as well.
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You're in the right place to learn about the green ones, sorry to hear your old one said "I retire", hopefully the new one will last just as long!

Welcome to GTT from SE PA!!
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Welcome to GTT from western PA
I think your gonna like the 590. A neighbor has one and really likes it.
Tomorrow evening give us your thoughts and maybe a photo or 2.
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Welcome from Central Ohio
Congratulations and welcome from the mountains of Tennessee
Congrats and welcome from VA.
Welcome from NW SD.

Welcome from Preston County, West Virginia
Welcome to the forum from Western North Carolina!
Congrats & welcome to team green from Wisconsin.
Welcome from New York.
Welcome from western pa
X590 is an excellent tractor. Read the manual!
Welcome from southern ky!
Welcome to Gtt from the Mitten
Welcome from NE Illinois. Far as I know, the X5xx series is a well reviewed model. Should work terrific for you
Welcome to GTT
Welcome from North Texas
Welcome to the Green Machine. I just got an X590 last week. It is a great tractor even if it is so expensive
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