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I knew this was going to happen!

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Well, it happend! I figured Id share one of my DOH! moments. So, usually I back my tractor into the garage. While I back it in I repeatedly look to make sure I folded down the ROPS. Well today after a full day of yardwork, I had to pull it straight in. I had something in the way in the garage and my plan was to pull the tractor in forward this one time so I could raise the FEL over a crate that was in the was so I could close the door and deal with it in the morning. So I pull into the garage with a cool shower and a cold beer on my mind and BAAAAAAMMM!

I couldnt back it out as you can see the angle I was working with. I did the first thing that everyone does when you feel stupid, I looked around to see if anyone saw. I was in the clear. Uh-oh, is my wife, whew! OK, now what. My first thought was to deflate the rear tires...nope, full of rimguard. Ah-ha! Pick the front end up with the FEL! That got me about an inch of clearance at the top so I could pull out the pins and fold down the ROPS.

So, I feel pretty careful out there!:slap-yourself-emoti
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I'm lucky that our garage door openings are tall enough to leave the ROPS up, but we do have some bikes hanging from a ceiling mounted hoist and I bang into them if I don't back into the garage just perfectly. Have to build a shed!

Also, had a scary moment this past weekend when cutting the crass for the first time. I'll post a thread later on my overall experiances, but this was the first time with the 60D mower and I was totally focused on cutting the grass. As I ran along the treeline behind the house all of a sudden, wham...something fell and hit me in the back of the neck. turned around and there was a large wooden bird feeder that was hanging from a pretty tall limb. I had totally forgotten about the ROPS and it pulled down the bird feeder right on me.
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