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I need help deciding ASAP!!

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I am having a hard time deciding if i should buy this or not....

3-14 Trailer Plow
with hydraulic cylinder
new plow points
new tires

I also would like to know what you think its worth.:amish:


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Brian, We would retail a plow like that for around $500. If it has a John Deere Hyd Cylinder with a stop on it, they are special and would add a little to the value. Used Coulters are going for $75 each.
Ken Sweet
Retail would mean it would be painted all nice? I am thinking of throwing 400 at him. He is asking 550 and it has not sold for over a month.
I bet You will buy the plow between $450 and $500? Ken Sweet
OK, in the first picture, that is a non Deere part correct? I assume because it is red. The guy seems to have gone through the plow and made it fairly nice with the correct tires and such.

So the important questions are if it has the correct JD cylinder.. Anything else?
The coulter bracket is red, however, it bears a resemblance to the next one back. I would not let the Cyl be a deal breaker, if I wanted the plow. Ken Sweet
Isn't the rule of thumb $150.00 per bottom?
IMO around here plows typically go +/- ~100.00 a bottom...add for excellent condition and collectibility....subtract if its rough/needs the wear parts replaced. What you got there, I say is 100/a bottom exactly..MINUS the cylinder.
Personally I wouldnt pay for the original JD cylinder unless you plan on showing can get a brand new ASAE 8" Cylinder for 50.00 all day long...
If you end up not wanting it....Disassemble it and palletize it for me. I'll buy it from you...seriously....
I wouldn't get too caught up in te price per bottom, as the condition of the unit can vary quite a lot. The Deere cylinder with adjustable depth stop is a good quality unit and is far better than the run of the mill $50 dollar ones. These things were costly when new but are great for their intended purpose on a wheeled disk or plow. I had one on my Amco offset disk many years ago.
I called a few minutes ago to tell him I would take it for the price we agreed upon earlier and he told me another guy just gave him a down payment. Thanks for the help guys! I will have to keep looking.
Ken, my budget is close to $500.00, So if you see anything let me know. I like that 2 bottom you posted earlier, but SWMBO will not approve the extra expenditure.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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