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I rented some fun this weekend

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I rented a roller to compact our gravel driveway. According to Sakai, the roller weighs in at 6,480 pounds and Towmaster says the average weight of the tilt-bed trailer I rented is 3,900 pounds. If so, when one factors in three tie-down chains and binders, I probably exceeded my Class V hitch's capacity by close to 500 pounds. Oops. Without checking my door placard, I probably exceeded the rated towing capacity too. Oops.

In any case, the 1999 V-10 and 5-speed manual with 4.11 limited slip rear end towed this thing around just fine. Max speed I encountered on the flats was about 60 - 65. Since I only towed this about 25 - 30 miles round trip I don't have any idea what the mileage was towing.

Would a diesel have been better? Yep; but I don't tow more than once or twice a year. At my altitude (~5,200 feet), I'm sure glad I spent the extra $350 when I ordered the truck to get the V-10 instead of the stock 5.4 liter V-8 gasser.

Notice there wasn't much rear end squat.

The roller did a wonderful job on the driveway. No pix as I needed to get the roller back, and it's tough to get good pix of gravel and roadbase.


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What are you using for a brake controller Matt?
One made by Draw-Tite. It's the first time it ever got used; but I knew it would come in handy one day.
Matt, glad to see you're getting your schist together :mocking:.

I rented a vibrating compactor for the gravel that led to an outbuilding, it was a win.

Thanks Pete, and good word play. :good2:
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