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1025r with Mauser cab.
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The John Deere Z994r is the 25.7 HP Yanmar powered zero turn mower. My dealer has one on the showroom floor with the window sticker of $19,134 with the 60" deck and the premium Suspension Seat assembly, which are both options on this machine.

I asked about the machine yesterday as I was in the dealer picking up parts and then decided to look at their machines. In glanced at the engine compartment of this machine to see which engine it was using (as I am not up to speed with the Deere zero turn mowers or models) and was quite surprised to see the Yanmar in the "normal sized" commercial zero turn.

When I say normal sized commercial zero turn, I specifically mean a machine which is NOT the physical size of the 997r, which is markedly larger than most larger commercial quality machines.

The salesman asked me how I would be paying, either cash or finance. I replied cash. The quote he gave me for this mower was $14,999.99, a discount of $4,134.01, which is about 23% off the retail price. For a John Deere product, this was a significant discount.

There are still a few things about this mower which I don't care for as well as the ExMark Lazer series mower I currently have. So I won't be making the switch. But if any of you are looking for the Yanmar powered diesel zero turn mower, you should take a further look at this machine.

Incidentally, after some serious prodding, I was able to get this machine's "delivery date" to the dealer. It was February 27th, 2019. Over two years on the show room floor. There just aren't many buyers for zero turns north of $12k in price. If you want specifics on where you can get this machine, send me a Conversation and I will give you the salesman's phone number and the machine numbers. The machine is located in Michigan.

This is the best priced Yanmar diesel equipped commercial quality zero turn mower I have seen, by nearly $2,000+ and I have looked at many machines out there.
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