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iMatch: Speec or Landpride win this round

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Even if your cat I equipment is 26" apart and the top link is 16" above, there may be braces and other steel in the way of the top hitch. Potato plows and subsoilers are a good example. In this case, my very old 72" Mott Hammer Knife top link won't fit the iMatch. I haven't finished building a new mount for it but needed to cut the lawn in the short window I had of good weather. I have a Speeco hitch, so I removed the top hook - see pics


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just wait until the 2720 comes:good2:
That's actually going to be my lawn mower and snow remover. I bought the 3320 for the loader to unload pallets and deal with manure.
I'm just renting this place. Fingers crossed right now on a farm that isn't yet for sale but might be soon. i won't know for a couple of months.
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