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In search of a retractable air hose reel.

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Looking for feedback on getting a retractable air hose reel. Don't really need 50 feet, 25 feet would be fine. 3/8", min. My problem is there are so many choices. I have a Dewalt, hand reel near the air compressor, which I like but I'm not climbing a ladder to wind it up. :)

It would go here, In rectangle, to right of next to hdtv. Or above on the 2x12. The plywood seams are above 6x6 (down door side) and 2x6 studs. I'll make a plywood plate to span the gap.

Building House Shade Wood Ceiling

Mount to wall, air hose hanging straight down, not out and down. Pumping air to it is easy, there's a 1/2" line (PEX) near it.
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I picked one up at Northern Tool over 10 years ago and it sees quite a bit of use. Still working great!
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