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Have dismantled the auger assembly and shaft to replace the auger shaft bearings as well as the bearing on the short shaft attached to the u-joint. When I re-installed the auger into the thrower housing, the auger slides back and forth an inch or more along the shaft. Before I removed the auger assembly there was only a little side-to-side play.

The only thing I can think of that is causing this problem is that I may not have re-installed the bearing in the correct direction on the sprocket side of the shaft.

Should the locking collar for that bearing be pointing towards the auger blade or should it be to the outside of the thrower housing (facing the backside of the large drive gear)? Drive key and shear bolt/nut are installed and tightened.

Knowing late in the game that I should have photographed all the important connections and parts before I took it apart, thanks in advance for any tips to help me sort this out!
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