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Installing a JD 48 Backhoe on a 4720

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Any suggestion in regard to where I can purchase a side plate kit that is required to mount a JD 48 backhoe on a JD 4720? JD part number LVB25568. This kit is no longer available through John Deere. A source for detailed drawings for the parts included in the kit would really help too. Thanks
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They changed the design, try LVB26163, that's what my JD4500 used for a 485 backhoe. As you have a 4720, there should be no issues. On my 4500, the drawbar hitch was the older style and had to be swapped out for the newer style.

This doc can be found deep in JD sales manual.

Not 100 percent sure but given the discontinued path from LVB25568 to LVB26163 in the above document, seems positive. I'd talk to your dealer and point to the above document which they should be able to access.
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