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I have never mounted the mower deck on my 445. I was hoping someone could please supply me with some pictures and instructions as how to mount the mower deck on to my 445. I have only used the 445 for snowblower (47") service.

thank you
Howard R. Levy

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This OMM146676_K6 is for the newer 48C, 54C and 62C, but the instructions are similar for the older decks for the 4X5 series. Basically you need to do this:

1. Rotate your gauge wheels 90 degrees so the deck can be roll under the tractor.

2. Moved the lift lever to the raised position.

3. Roll the deck underneath the tractor from the left side - it may be necessary to raise the front of the tractor to allow clearance.

4. Hook the coupler on the deck PTO driveshaft to the front PTO drive stub on transmission. I found removing the left rear wheel helps to get the PTO collar locked into place.

5. Adjust the mower height knob to the lowest position.

6. Start the tractor and moved the hydraulic lever to the low position. Turn off engine.

7. Line up the slots in the lift arms to the mower deck brackets and pull the deck slightly forward to lock the lift arms.

8. Hook the front deck hanger onto deck and then machine.

9. Move the release latch up onto the frame and lock pin into hole.

10. Start tractor again and raise deck to rotate your gauge wheels to the proper position. Don't forget to adjust the height control knob to where you want to mow.

All the steps will be found in the link I provided with pictures to help clarify things. Just be sure you get the pto driveshaft collar locked into place, it you don't it will fall out and may damage the splines.
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