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Insurance coverage after the payoff

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Hey guys, I thought I'd run this past this forum, as the knowledge here is awesome.

I pay off the 0%, 3 year loan on my 3720 in September of next year. As part of the loan, there is insurance coverage on the unit. What, if any insurance are you guys using for your tractors after it is fully paid for? What carrier would you recommend for coverage. I currently use State Farm for most of my insurance, but am open to other companies if the coverage is good.
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Just a side note on State Farm homeowners. My agent indicated that coverage is based on the equipment's normal location being the same as the primary residence. We have farm acreage separate from the house property & the agent indicated our homeowner's would not cover equipment that was stored there. I haven't looked into Farm Bureau insurance but have heard that it is one of the common policies around here for farm property & equipment.

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