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ipad and iphone app

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What is everybody using?

I had a good one on my ipad and now I can't find it or remember what I was using. Maybe I have too many apps on there....

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I would rarely use it, only when traveling and if I had discretionary time. I need to try this site via Safari and see how doable that is.

I suspect there is a critical mass of members where you almost have to do it, not sure that what number is.

I also think the wild wild west days of apps are coming to an end. With just one version of the iPhone, it was pretty easy to make an app. Now there are two OS versions, and counting iTouch players 4 different hardware platforms. Then throw in the iPad. Then think about the emerging Android market and other iPad like devices coming out. What was once doable by a single programmer is rapidly becoming something that needs a team effort since there are so many platforms and dependencies to deal with.

Even Apple has blown it big time. I upgraded by 3G phone to 4.0, it crashed all the time and drained the battery in no time. With the upgrade came an upgrade of the apps. Apple had (and still has) no regression path (can't go back a revision). So I had make the phone go brain dead, then find the old OS out on the net and blow it back in. Phone has never been quite right since. Many of the apps (including ones I paid for) don't work since they can't be retro-graded back. Many of the new apps and updated apps don't work with anything but the newest 4.1 or 4.2 OS on a 4G phone. It's easiest for the software developers- just one platform.

So Apple will have to force developers to make apps that work across all platforms and OS versions or it risks loosing market share. Droid will have a lead for a bit, but then it will have these same problems. We've been down this road before with PC software. I know someday when it's time to get a new phone, I'd not automatically go back to an iPhone after this bad experience. Add that developers want to make software for droid and other pads, well, you get the picture. Deciding to support mobile platforms via non web apps is just going to get more and more expensive. It's really nice, the TBN one is nice. The only problem with the TBN one is the site has such high volume of posts that it's getting harder to use the site, more so on the small screen.

I looked at coming up to speed on the development tools for Apple mobile OS, saw these problems coming, decided to stick with web based interfaces for the automation stuff I'm working on. Not as cool, but, it doesn't take a herd of programmers to get it going. And herding programmers makes herding cats look easy :laugh:.

Oh well, Pete drones on again....:bye2:

JD43: App looks cool. I'm still a 3G so it doesn't multitask, not sure how that affects the logging stuff.

My answer to the battery problem was the Mophie Juice Pack. I can do a 16 hour day of heavy usage with that bad boy. When I tried 4.0 on my 3G, it sucked down both the phone and Juice Pack overnight. I'm just waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out, and be out for 4-5 months, then I'll jump in. My current phone should be 2.5 to 3 years old by then, should be about right...

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