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I figured I would ask as I see 2 series in the next section, and Im not sure where the 2025 goes. IF this is in the wrong place, please feel free to dig it up and dump it somewhere correct!!
I have a Brake question.
1. The 2025 has dual brakes, are they "connectable" to use as one brake as my other JD Stick tractors are?
2. Can you use the Park Brake with just one pedal ?
3. IF the brakes do NOT connect, do you need to turn your foot outwards ( Farmer style) to get both pedals down?
4. Does the cruise control come OFF when one brake is applied?
I find the dual brakes huge for a blower or back dragging and I see Literally NO info on the 2025 Brakes, Anywhere..
The brakes and the Illuminated fuel gauge ( 2025) are huge improvements for me, IF the brakes are good.
Thoughts Guys?? Thanks again ! :cold:

Well I can answer a few of those lol.. The 2025 would be in them mcut section, there is a comparison in this section to the 1025r though with a lot of great info!!! Just search for 2025r vs 1025r. 2025 does have split brakes which is a very nice feature, as far as the parking questions, I can't answer, didnt buy one YET..... Soon hopefully :yahoo:
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