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Its official, Spring is here

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Yep its here, got sunburned yesterday so its here.
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You guys will make it snow for us northerners with talk like this! But, I did get a sunburn this past week just sitting outside drinking a couple beers! or three... going to be 70 this afternoon,, then it starts to go downhill.. normal is around 46 degrees here.
I still have ice on my pond so no peepers yet and Mike, you must have been one heck of a handful for your teachers! I know because it takes one to know one!!! Principles office everyday,, the guy knew my mothers phone number by heart!
If Chiggers are out then mosquitoes, may flies, deer flies and the rest of those insipid insects will be out soon! Ticks never go away any more.. I don't think chiggers live around these parts? Never saw one anyway in Ma. YET!
We have robins that never leave all winter long. Don't know why? Maybe a different type Robin? To me they all look the same. Snow Birds are still here though..
First robin today also!
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Nope,, my buddy from Louisiana told me about those things getting under your skin, literally.. No thank you,, but I read they are moving towards us and soon they will have winter coats! Great.. I see bugs that we never had when I was a kid, glowing green fly's, strangest beetles ever, bugs that are killing our trees,, and on and on it goes.
Want some? We've got plenty to spare.
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Wait,,, What,,,, I didn't guarantee anything,,, In fact I said;;; ,, you guys are going to make it snow!!!.. Keep it on for another couple weeks. be patient.. :ROFLMAO: We have had 12"of snow mid April.... And ,, we are going to pay for this 70 degree weather,, oh yes we will!!!! and I got stuck working all day.... Inside in the office!!!! Wait that's for the gear grinder thread,, Sorry.
My God Mike,,, our nuns were worse then lobsters on your piano.. So you being little Johnny, means you know all about black golf balls right? Seeing how you are the original concept of the book of little Johnny stories! I assume you do..
Monkey bars,,, funny,, not socially acceptable today. Short nun,,, to descriptive and not acceptable. but I like it....!!! I hated the Nuns... Who did they think they were! I also played on the Monkey bars.... Until your tie wrapped around the bar,, then you are done or in trouble... They were not clip on ties!
Our DQ was a small little booth basically that had soft serve ice cream and shakes... no more no less,, they also had the hot different colored things you dipped the ice cream in and it froze on your cone.. That's all we had.
If mom knew then about getting us high on chocolate she would have!!! She didn't......... nought said....
Mom said she should have named me "Little Johnny", because I was always getting in trouble. View attachment 780324
If I was missing in a class, the teacher knew I was either on the Monkey Bars or in the Principles Office. :LOL:
The short Nun we had for a Principle was as mean as a Badger in a Hornet's Nest. Mom had to keep an opening in her schedule, 'cause she figured she'd have to come get me at school for some kind of nonsense. (y)
When she'd pick me up, she'd stop a the Dairy Queen to buy me a large chocolate shake. She wanted to keep me hyped up to play outside when we got home, so I'd stay out of her hair. :ROFLMAO:

I miss those days. :cry:
Well in my opinion, they can take those vortexes and.......
Not a fan, and I have no idea why I stay here, but I haven't found Eden yet........ I don't think it exists..
Yeah, from the news everyone is moving to the southern sun/warm belt because they can now do their job remotely. I keep my change of seasons, that way my blood stays "cold blooded" for our north winters with it's arctic vortexes.
The nuns were a cruel bunch of women. We were afraid of the nuns,, they put the fear of God in us at every chance they could and they were all old, the priests were even worse.
They called my parents and stated "I wasn't St. Mary's material" so off to public school it was. I wasn't such a bad kid, I just got caught up with the wrong people! and I'm sticking to my story!. I believe the last straw was in the confessional (which I never understood) when the priest slid that door open and I said don't bother father,, there's no toilet paper in here either! Much to my surprise my dad was ok with that! I certainly expected to be beaten to within a breath when he got home, but instead he shrugged his shoulders and said to mom, he's your kid for sure!..
Do you think the roman story is true? I just can't imagine anyone wanting to tag a nun.
I also disliked the Nuns.

They are a Cult, ya know. :whistle:

The old saying is, they're called Nuns, 'cause they get None. o_O

I have a friend who's uncle was a plumber and he was called to the Convent on a regular basis to unplug the septic drain.
Seem it was clogged with mass quantities of(to put it likely) Trojans. View attachment 780364

Bad, bad girls. :unsure:

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You were lucky Donnie,, Back in those days the people in charge didn't mind whacking you around just a little bit and it was ok to do it!
My high school principle was a great guy,, never gave anyone detention, he didn't believe we were bad kids at all.. And really, the only thing we did in high school was skip a study hall and head to town for breakfast! The truant officer was tough but he was a friend of my family and he's still friends with me even though he's older then dirt. Makes his own booze and wine and we have been let's say, happy at times!! Funny how life changes like that..
Head out for an inspection and come home giddy!
I skated. The High School Principal rented a house from my Dad, so the worst I got was, "Donnie, call your mother and tell her what you did."
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Now I have this pic in my head that I can't un-see! I suppose wine has it merits... About the only nun I could see is sister bertrille and her cornette...
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