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Jan Contest by your T-1 Amsoil Dealer and MORE

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Congrats to Ken for winning the Jan Amsoil prizes! Your order will be out shortly!

I wanted to leave the great people on here a quick note:

I want you to try Amsoil or one of our other products this month!

We do not have just the best oil out there but we also have great products from Aggrand and Altrum! Check them out on my website!

Here is what I want you to do ASAP. Give me an email [email protected] with what you need for your tractor, truck, car or anything else that needs oil or fuel. Lets take a look how Amsoil products can save you money and time! I want to get to know you, the people that want the best products.

But wait thats not it, send me the email, lets chat what you need, and I will send you the products you need AT WHOLESALE! Yep you got it, I will set you up with a FREE 6 month trial to an AMSOIL PC program! It will cost me out of my pocket! But I am here to HELP YOU! So I don't care what the cost is to me, just as long as YOU get what YOU need. How is that for customer service?

AND if you own a retail, commercial shop we can set your company up to get Amsoil products at WHOLESALE with an added bonus (email me for it)!

Who wants more money? Who loves tractors and enjoys working with mechanical issues? Why not sell Amsoil? I will offer 5 people (the first 5 so hurry up) a Dealership for Amsoil! Yea it will cost me $65 a person but if you really want to make money and you really love what you do then you really need to email me. Got it?

Come on guys have some GOALS! Life is a competition how will you finish? Feel free to contact me by email anytime. I try to get on here as much as I can but email will be the best bet.

Hope to hear from all of you soon!
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Thanks for the great prize:drinks:
Good job Kenny!:good2:
We all value your memebership here in making this a great forum.
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