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I'm opening up a 4500 sq. ft. area (with my 2025R and 647 frontier tiller) to plant all kinds of food for the family. Starting with a cover crop (doing no-till) and need a drill so I can plant directly into last season's cover.

I like the Jang seeders based on what I've seen recommended. My question is: should I just get a 1 row hand push seeder or go with a cat 1 pull seeder (jang makes a cat 1 attachment to pull 3 or 6 row seeder versions).

I guess my main question is: will it be too hard to push the seeder through a cover crop? I don't want to hate life while I'm seeding, but the manual is $500 and the cat 1 version is $2200.

Another option is that I could run a cultivator across the cover and then use a Jang push seeder, would this work?

EDIT: found this double disc opener for the Jang, maybe this would work? Hoping someone has some experience with this...
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