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Hello all,

So a while ago I had to change my alternator. The gentleman at the shop in town that refurb's them told me that the alternator in the picture is as good as the original. The only difference is that the old alternator had a clip with a 3 wires, DE, DI and DE i do believe. The new one does not wire with the clip. After wiring this new one up as the refurb gentleman told me, it seems that I have to boost the Tractor to get it going after long uses. I did a little research on the interwebs and read a pile about excite wires, idiot lights (which I might as well hang off me, lol) and a pile of different wiring ideas. After a read I did add a jumper wire between terminals which, I can now see the alternator charge back to the battery after high RPMS, but the alternator does not stay on when machine goes back to low RPMS.

Any suggestions about my wiring would be great.Want to get this sorted then add some LED lights for night work.



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