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JD 2520 My Weekend Mods

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This weekend I decided to make a couple of additions/mods to our 2520...auxiliary lighting/brush guards, fire extinguisher and toolbox. I had done the extinguisher and lighting on our 2320 previously.

Auxiliary Lighting/Brush Guards: I have seen many threads on this so I am not sure if this will help members of this forum but I thought I could post my experience (2nd time around). This is a pretty basic mod and JD makes it pretty simple by having 'spare' connectors to add the lighting to. Like our 2320, I went with 3 lights.

The connectors and wiring are cable tied behind the seat. I cut the cable ties and found the 2 extra sets of connectors. I then loosened the 2 bolts holding the flashers/blinkers from the ROPS, careful not to place to much strain on the wiring. I used a cable to fish the 2 sets of wire through the ROPS on the right hand side. I mounted the light to the brush guard and secured it along with my rear facing light to the ROPS. Then pulling any slack in the wiring from the bottom hole in the ROPS.

I repeated the process for the left side but I ran into an interference issue with the manual holder mounted on the ROPS. I ended up removing the manual holder since I keep my manuals near my work bench. I then pulled all the wiring to the rear of the tractor. To one of the extra sets of connectors, I added a splitter to enable me to connect all 3 lights. Once I had all the wiring connected, I placed them all into corrugated tubing. I had corrugated tubing of a larger diameter in which I put the new wiring and existing JD corrugated tubing. Finally, I cable tied the wiring to the tractor. It isn't the cleanest way and I am open to suggestions for keeping these wires out of the way.

Thanks for allowing me to share my experience.


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Even though this was my 2nd time around for installing lights/guards, it doesn't mean I am immune from making mistakes.

Please note the 2 pics below. In the first one, I have the bolt securing the light to the guard mounted incorrectly. The 2nd one is correct. When mounted incorrectly, there is not enough clearance to fit the flasher/blinker inside the guard.

Maybe my mistakes will help others...


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Mod #2 - Fire Extinguisher

Again, this was quite simple as I drilled 2 holes to the ROPS on the right hand side and secured the extinguisher holder with 2 #10 self tapping screws.


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Mod #3 - Toolbox

Again, I have seen many threads on others and like with certain mods or applications, the change or addition needs to fit within the operators needs. I wanted something that mounted behind the seat yet did not create an interference with the seat or the 3 pt arm. My preference would have been plastic but I found this generic metal toolbox at our local Fleet Farm.

I did paint the box as the green on it was closer to an Oliver green vs JD. Not a big deal. The installation was quite basic in that I used an existing hole on the rear frame and then similar to the extinguisher mounting, drilled a hole on the left hand side and used a #12 self tapping screw. Once it was secured to the frame, I added a rubber mat at the bottom for less rattle. I did need to add some washers/spacers on the SMV sign in order that there would be no interference with the opening and closing of the lid.

The toolbox measures 16 x 6 x 6. The main reason for the toolbox was to have a place for my chain, my Kubota tow strap and a few tools (channel locks, vice-grip, & screwdrivers).

I would be interested in adding a decal or decals on the box. Might anyone in this forum point me in a direction in which I could locate JD decals?



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just put in keyword "decal" in the site search.

they have all kinds of decals in many different sizes. great company to deal with.
Nice job! You can also get decals from the dealer...find a style you like on a machine then get the part number from
Very nice! Did you buy the JD Forward/Rear Work Light Kit(s) or generic?
Shazzam GREAT POST LIW! Very nicely done. Keep'em comin'.
You were busy this last weekend. I pitched my maunal container the very next day I got my machine. We need room for the work stuff on our tractors. The manuals are filed safely else where. Not only that, I don't like them all rolled up.

Now does that rear light come when the forwards are on as well I didn't see where you added a seperate switch?

Oh and one last suggestion if I may, sometimes it is best to do seperate threads for each mod. That way we can keep the topics segregated. But, this will work for now.

And I will say again, keep'em comin'!

Yes, the rear light comes on whenever the forward (aux) lighting is on. I believe on my 2520, it is the 2nd light detent. The first being flashers only, 2nd all lights including hood mount and aux lights (no flashers), 3rd is hood mounted lights with flashers.
Very nice! Did you buy the JD Forward/Rear Work Light Kit(s) or generic?
I would like to know also, thanks.
I bought these in Nov of '10 from John Deere. At that point, I wasn't sure or had experience with the lighting but knowing what I know now and the type of connections required, I would be comfortable moving forward with buying from a distributor selling JW Speaker lighting.
I have a question, in the pictures it looks like there was a plug for each light then you had to splice in the rear facing light. i have a set of the same lights to put on and was told i had to splice in the second forward facing light. I have not had a chance to look at the tractor yet, its a 2520 tractor. Any info would be great thanks.

I hope I can answer you question as I am not sure whether you have 2 front lights and 1 rear light or just 2 front lights.

If you only have the 2 front lights, you should not have to splice. As you can see from the 3rd pic, there are 2 sets of 'extra' connectors behind the seat.

If you have a total of 3 lights you will have to split the lines, not splice them. If you look at the lower right hand corner of pic 1, a splitter (as i would call it) is located next to the lights. Also if you look at pic 12 (IMG_1170) it shows how it splits the one extra set into 2. Note, that I have my rear light and right hand front facing light on the same connector. It doesn't make any difference since the 2 connectors run off the same switch.

I hope that help,
Thankyou yes you answered my question, I had looked at the tractor quick and couldn't find both sets of wires for the lights. Then i saw your post on my way out the door to work so i didnt get to spell out the whole question (sorry) So anyway today i got a chance to dig deep and i found the wire. They were wrapped just right and looked like one wire LOL. So my other question is did you make that splitter or buy it from deere. that should be all i need. I have the 2 lights mounted above the warning lights like you now i want to add a rear light. Thanks again.
The splitter came with the lights. In fact if I remember correctly when I ordered these lights from JD, I bought a pair and a single. I believe the price of the pair was slightly less than 2 singles. Anyway, both sets (the pair and the single) came with the light(s) wiring and a splitter.
Are those the Halogen model 7100's?


I pulled my bill of sale for the lights I bought last year from JD:
-Forward Light Kit PN LVB25546
-Rear Work Light PN LVD25547

I checked on JW Speaker's website and I believe you are correct in that they would be the 7100 series. The ones from JD are the flood pattern.

I recall when I was looking at lights for our 2320, I also looked at LED's b/c of the low draw since the 2320 has a 20 amp alt, now with the 2520 and a 40 amp alt, that isn't much of a concern. But when I was using these lights on the 2320, I never had any issue with the alt not keeping up. Granted, I did not have all the lights on for 3-4 hours at a time either.
Thanks for the info

When I installed mine, I opted for the Hobbs 3x5 Trapezoidal's-at the time Messicks had the best price:

They are not "plug and play", but I have no problem doing wiring. I also do not like not having independent control over the lights when you use the factory harness.
Thanks for the help. i will be heading to deere to get the spliter today.
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