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JD 3520 w/ 4" Spacers - MX5 Mower (Options?)

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So, I just ordered 4" spacers (x2) for the new JD 3520 Cab I have. This should add, of course 4" to each rear wheel stance.

I've got an MX5 bush-hog, which just barely now cuts over the tracks of my rear wheels.

What options do I have? Would this thing pull any type of SMALL foldable bat-wing type mower? I'd like to have something that will cut and cover my tracks, maybe further. It will make it hard to get up close to crops or a pond..
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I think a Flail Mower may be a great choice, some can also be offset to stick out on one side further. A 8' RC is to big for your machine I think.

Here is a 73": Flail Mower, Caroni, Flail Mowers, Caroni Flail Mower | Agri Supply, 30837

There are many other choices if you Google "flail mowers"
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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