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JD 3520 w/ 4" Spacers - MX5 Mower (Options?)

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So, I just ordered 4" spacers (x2) for the new JD 3520 Cab I have. This should add, of course 4" to each rear wheel stance.

I've got an MX5 bush-hog, which just barely now cuts over the tracks of my rear wheels.

What options do I have? Would this thing pull any type of SMALL foldable bat-wing type mower? I'd like to have something that will cut and cover my tracks, maybe further. It will make it hard to get up close to crops or a pond..
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How much did you expect a mini bat wing mower to cost?
The mx8 could be a pull type and not category anything. Actually that is what calls for the least horsepower in the manual. Of course they are hooking it (or the mx 10 which share the same manual) to 7000 series stuff in the pictures. A 3000 series tractor wouldn't have the ballasting number to do a three point or semi mount mx 8. Th pull type really stick out in back and while the wheels (I have 3 on mx 10) stick out the farthest you can back it under trees and into some spaces pretty far from the tires.

An offset flail mower will allow you to mow wider on one side and only squash uncut stuff with one set of wheels if you go round and round mowing an area. They do use more horsepower and in some cases just can't be set too low or else will start slipping the slip clutch or the drive belt.

If you are grass/lawn oriented I have drove by a university with a tractor in your size class mowing quite wide swaths. I think it was a kubota and don't know if or how much stuff came off a mid pto.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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