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JD 3520 w/ 4" Spacers - MX5 Mower (Options?)

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So, I just ordered 4" spacers (x2) for the new JD 3520 Cab I have. This should add, of course 4" to each rear wheel stance.

I've got an MX5 bush-hog, which just barely now cuts over the tracks of my rear wheels.

What options do I have? Would this thing pull any type of SMALL foldable bat-wing type mower? I'd like to have something that will cut and cover my tracks, maybe further. It will make it hard to get up close to crops or a pond..
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I looked at the J.D. website to see what the capacity is on the MX-5. Found nothing on the width of cut. If it's like I have a hunch and it is 5' ? That equates to 60" of cut. I think...Math...skills...lacking...And it is just barely clearing your wheels now. If you add another 4" roughly to the width of your tractor, then let's just say for arguments sake you want something that will cut an extra foot to the sides of your tires for getting close to trees and other obstacles. So you are looking for something say 72" or so. I would suggest perhaps a MMM or a rear mount 72 " finish mower. We have a 72" MMM on our 4720 that clears our wheels nicely. (not sure on the width of our wheels compared to the ones on your machine. But it may be something to look at.

Also, Woods makes a few even wider finish mowers at 80 and 90 " respectively. Might be worth looking at.
PRD8400 Finish Mowers This mower here starts at 24 h.p.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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