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JD 3520 w/ 4" Spacers - MX5 Mower (Options?)

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So, I just ordered 4" spacers (x2) for the new JD 3520 Cab I have. This should add, of course 4" to each rear wheel stance.

I've got an MX5 bush-hog, which just barely now cuts over the tracks of my rear wheels.

What options do I have? Would this thing pull any type of SMALL foldable bat-wing type mower? I'd like to have something that will cut and cover my tracks, maybe further. It will make it hard to get up close to crops or a pond..
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What do you think the chances are that the MX8 would be able to be run on the 3520? It weighs ~1,000 more than the MX5. But is still under the 2200# capacity of the 3520's lift capacity.

I'm not going to be cutting "brush", I'm going to be cutting fescue that's going to be probably 12" tall -- with a final height of about 5".
Deere has a minimum PTO HP on that at 40. You have an engine HP of 37 and a PTO HP of 30. Beyond that, the MX8 is a cat 2 implement.

I say you have next to no chance with it.

If you want something a bit larger, you could look into a flail mower. They do not stick out the rear of the tractor like a rotary cutter and they are good for cutting grass. They are slightly more money, but very nice!
Hmm! Wonder if Land Pride or Bushog makes anything that would be around the 8' mark, Cat 1, and work with my rig. I'm not so sure that even the MX6 would stick out far enough with these 4" spacers on each side..
Those flail mowers seem pretty awesome in almost every way! Smaller footprint; better cut; less HP requirements; less danger. I just looked up the price of a John Deere 390 -- book was $6k! Jeez! For that I think I'll just get two goats and tie to each side of the MX5 and let them chomp away at what's left over!
Those flex-wing grooming mowers are awesome! But quite expensive :)

I don't know what a good solution is for my "width" problem... I guess just get over it and keep the MX5 and .. well, that will make getting close to obstacles near impossible.
I read on another forum of a guy who had a 3720 and ran a 15' bushog flex finishing mower! Wow! And he said it pulled awesome and had plenty of power.

What d you think of the Bushog TD1100 11' flex finish mower?

I suppose as long as I ow often, I can make it work without a rotary cutter..
I'm really looking into the John Deere 390 flail mower. Everything I see seems to make it look far superior to the rotary cutters. However, I have never seen one around here in West KY and am wondering if there is perhaps a reason for that... Any ideas?

All I would use it for is cutting fescue on a regular basis, on uneven hilly terrain.

I did read a "horror" story about the roller being basically run over when backing up or dropping into a ditch.

Is there anything special I need to consider based on my terrain or intended usage that may drive me away from buying the 390, or flail mower in general?
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