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I'm in the process of ordering a 4044R and a 370 flail mower but can't decide which knives to order for the 370.

We have 10 acres of land. ~2 acres around the house is lawn. I'll be getting a zero turn or maybe an automower for that. The other 8 acres used to be horse pasture. I'd like to keep it mowed pretty short but there is the occasional rock and other things out there - hence the use of a flail over a finish mower.

The 370 comes with either side-slice knives or smooth-cut cupped knives. I've done so much reading I'm starting to confuse myself. I believe that the side-slice knives are more for brush and give a rougher cut more like a rotary cutter while the smooth-cut are more for grass. I plan to mow often and so think that the smooth-cut would be best but wanted to see if anyone here had any experience either way.

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