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Because I need more hydraulics also, I spoke with an hydraulic expert and what he thought a good way to add two more ports would be to take a diverter valve and hook up. then, you have a thumb switch added to your joystick, and when you press the switch, instead of controlling 1 and 2 (lift and curl), you control 4th and 5th channels.
Then if you have the grapple hooked to 4, and top link on 5, or what ever 2 channels you need for some attachment are all set to go, the flick of the switch transforms your current joystick to move the new channels.

He thought that would be cheaper and easier than messing with completing the original 3rd scv, which you could always do in addition to this if you wanted.

this also looked doable for $500 to $1000 with buying the parts on ebay.

Here is a summit kit on ebay, ebay diverter kit
updated summit link on ebay, $419
I am not sure that is the correct kit, but something much like it, then add some more hoses and your all set.

This seems to only be for one channel though, I thought he showed me a valve you could use for diverting two channels at once. So if you just use two of these valves, you get two channels. you could have the thumbswitch do both channels.
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