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My tractor runs good but the operation of the touchomatic has me puzzled. It has the dual cylinder TOM with two lift arms for the rear and one lift arm for the front.

With engine running and the hydraulic selector lever under the left side of seat positioned towards the front of tractor I get no action from either set of lift ams when I move either one or both levers from the fully forward position to the fully rear position.

When I reposition the selector lever to the rear of the tractor I have control of the rear lift arms and draft links and they raise very nicely when I move the right lever to the rear and they lower when I move the lever to the forward position, and they stop moving when I stop moving the lever, so I believe that is correct.

I get no movement of the single left lift arm no matter what I do with the left lever or selector lever under the seat.

If anyone has any thoughts as to what might be wrong or the proper operation of the dual touchomatic system I would sure appreciate you sharing them.

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