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JD 5105 Hour Meter Not Running

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I noticed the hour meter quit running on my 5105 the other day. It stopped on 770 hours. I checked the fuses and looked for loose wires and can see nothing wrong. Any ideas on how to fix this or trouble shoot it. Thanks!
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I have a 5210 and I think the 5105 is close to it. Your problem is in the cluster, the wiring or the alternator. I would check the wire that goes from the red wire the goes from the alternator to the cluster. Here is what I would do on my tractor.

Disconnect the negative side of the battery (I find it is easier to take out the bolt that connects the negative battery cable to the frame). Take out the 4 screws on the panel that the key switch is on. Remove the 3 bolts that hold the left side cowl and 2 screws on the instrument cluster. You should be able to unplug the small plug on the back of the cluster. Using an ohm meter test the red wire 082 on this plug back to the other end at the alternator on the alternator the wire is 082 or 072.

I have found that if the tach is disconnect the hour meter shows hours, but does not increase hours.
If you are open to taking it apart it is not that hard to do. The next step is to remove the right side of the cowl. Push the throttle all the forward and remove the console. Take the 8 screws off. Just tighten them down even starting with the center 4 screws, so you do not break the glass. After putting the console back over the throttle, put the little rubber boot on. Also push the throttle back down (learned that one the hard way).

Inside you can see if the needle is just stuck. The console is not a sealed unit, so you can remove the plastic cover on the back. You could ohm test the meter and see if anything looks bad inside such as rust.

I included some pictures of what the inside of my cluster looks like.

If you are going to open it up, you might want to look at this URL.


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