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JD 6210 three point hitch problem

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I have a 1999 model 6210 w/o a cab. I bought it at an auction and knew that the 3 pt hitch was not working. My mechanic tells me that the Hitch Control unit is bad. It is corroded inside and appears to have been wet. He said that this is a recurring problem.

It has a 640 FEL that works fine.

I don't mind spending the money to fix it (as I said, I knew it had a problem).

I am wondering if this really is a recurring problem, is there a fix to prevent a reoccurrence?

Any input would be appreciated.

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Welcome to GTT!

Hopefully user JD110 will reply, if anyone knows the answer to this he will...
Is it something to do with the lever and the linkage isn't working correctly or the actual 3 point hitch unit itself that isn't working? Not sure about if it's a reoccurring problem or not though, I wouldn't imagine it as Deere usually takes good care of any reoccurring problems.

Oh, by the way, pictures would be awesome:good2:
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Is it the controller or the stepper motor? It is rare in my experience to see a bad controller. It happens but not very often. The stepper motor has been more of a problem. I have replaced a few of these due to moisture getting in. The controller is protected under sheet metal but the stepper motor is more vulnerable on top of the control valve.
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I don't know how to check the stepper motor, but we are not getting voltage to the stepper motor from the HCU.
I'm a new member and I'm trying to do a search without creating a new thread. I have a similar problem as listed above. My tractor (2005 JD 6415, cab, 2wd) is not lifting or lowering the lift arms. I've surfed the internet trying to find info. Here's my current situation.

Tractor running no up or down

Tractor off, turn the key on and stepper motor may buzz once then no more. Turn switch off and then back on may not buzz at all. Turn switch off then back on stepper motor may buzz several times. *no certain order listed above*

Put a test light on the stepper motor plug (unplugged from the stepper motor itself) to see if getting voltage to the motor and it will only blink. No constant power as shown by the test light.

Before I spend $500 on a stepper motor is their anything else I can check or does this sound like the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Also, the arms will go up and down by turning the screw on top of the stepper motor. Sorry, forgot to list that above. Thanks
I have a 2008 6415 and I’m also having the same issue. Were you able to resolve your issue? If so could you please tell me what the resolution was?
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