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6506, 6220se, 935 combine
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Hi, I am new to your forum. I've got a problem with my 6220se (2005) refusing to start. Started running rough in the field so I drove it back into the yard where it coughed spluttered and stopped. Fuel is getting to the Injection pump, but nothing coming out of the ports to the injectors and no smoke. All the normal suspects have been dealt with, fuel tank is clean, all rubber hoses have been changed, filters changed as has one filter housing as well, Battery is good, the Stanadyne DE10 injection pump was rebuilt only 600 hours ago, new crankshaft sensor has been fitted.

Got continuity on all the wires to the sensors and from the injection pump back to the L12 ECU There is continuity across the pump pins but only a voltage of around 1.9- 2.3 volts when you crank the engine over. But there is continuity on the pump wires back to the ECU.

Would one of the other sensors cause this or is another problem, not had the JD man out with his laptop yet, as I gather the DE 10 doesn't supply much in the way of digital information.
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