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JD 6300 Cab Tractor 1997 electrical problem

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New to me 6300 JD has electrical problems; Fuel gauge and RPM/tachometer inoperable. The hour meter does work, has less that 1030 hours.

*RPM indicator wiring harness for engine, may be sensor on engine or display unit.
Replaced sensor, tachometer works!
*Fuel gauge: maybe sending unit, as the in tank fuel pump uses same wiring harness and is operable.
Removal of tank, replacement of sending unit. Sometime in the future.

The original owner said the RPM indicator NEVER worked, too bad he didn't have the dealer fix it when it was under warranty! lol
I've checked all the fuses, but found none were blown. Wondering about wiring rat/mouse issues?
Working through the issues....
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