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JD 631 and 653 Loader dimensions ?

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G'day everybody,

New to the forum and very impressed with the depth of knowledge.
I have a question about the lengths between the pivots of the 631 and 653 loaders.
There seems to be a lot of loader models around and I would like to know which one would best fit a 5090R.
If anyone can advise the A and B dimensions for the loaders it would be much appreciated.
John Marshall (Australia)
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You probably need to be looking at a 500 series loader for a 5090. The 600 series loaders are for 6000 series tractors, just as 400 series loaders are for the 4000 series tractors. Although I have an early one with an H180 loader before they switched.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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