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Dmay, that is great info about the strength of the 647 tiller. Good to know when the time comes for me to get a tiller (already come close a few times).

My 413 Rotary mower has a clutch. I followed the manual for adjusting it but it was still a little stronger than I wanted my previous 2305 to have to endure so I backed the spring pressure off a tad more so that when I clobbered something solid it slipped sooner instead of shocking the 2305. I guess my point is that I don't think there is any crime in adjusting the clutch to behave the way you want it to work.

Of course, the more you slip it, the sooner it wears out. On the other hand, if it never gets slipped, it eventually becomes a coupled joint and defeats its own purpose.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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