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Hi all,

I am a new member as of today. We have had a JD7775 220 series skid that was originally produced by New Holland for JD with JD's 220 series motor. It has been in the family since 2000. It has been used primarily for heavy lifting, snow removal, rock, and dirt. Used conservatively and probably has only seen 200 hours since 2000. I have kept up with routine oil changes with Amsoil, greasing as necessary, and have recently switched to Rotella T6, all changes done with JD filters. Recently changed the hydro filter and air filter, and fuel filter with JD filters. Skid has always been kept in a heated/insulated garage at 40-75 degrees and is in great shape for its year, with minimal wear considering what we put our logging skid steers through. I want to hold onto it as long as I can as it does everything I need it to. We use it time to time for heavy lifting and field welder swaps. I am surprised how much it will lift compared to the new ones that are incredibly expensive and in no way could we ever afford a newer one. Plus T3 emissions are complete EPA BS. If the motor goes, I can pull it and rebuild as we run a diesel shop, and I doubt it would be much more difficult than any cummins 4bt power plant. Hydro motors are pretty new to me, but I think are fairly straight forward when it comes time to replace.

The next order of business is servicing the hydro fluid and chain case, I am trying to track down a t1553 service manual for the skid, as I have a SM or TM for all of our equipment but not this one. The oil drain and fill look self explanatory for the chain case, but I am curious where the hydro drain is on this unit. I have a pneumatic fluid evacuator that I feel would pull 90% of the existing hydro fluid out of the tank, but figure a drain has to exist somewhere. There used to be a plastic breather on top of the fill neck, it no longer is there, and I need to fab a new cap and foam filter for it to keep any dust from entering the tank fill, or just buy a new one. Any help would be appreciated. I figured it would be time to do this as I doubt it has ever been serviced.

Only known issue is the e brake has not worked since the day we have owned it and I'd sure like to get that fixed if easy, but its not necessary as we have made it 15 years without one, but it is a safety hazard when parked on grade.

The other small issue I have notice the right drive side has always been stronger than the left since day 1. Not significant but it will slightly pull left on asphalt when at max speed. I'm not sure if the drive motor is weaker on the left or if this is just due to pressure hitting the first and tied in series and hitting the second motor after the first. I recently lost a front left tire due to a severe puncture and need to match the right front side with another of equivalent size to not strain the drive train. I think it would be necesary to replace all 3 tires, but would hope it may not be as long as the fronts match and are very close in diameter of the rears...suckers are expensive though!

Pins have a little play but are not bad. I have never replaced them, but might consider it if needed.

Any other suggestions for general up keep would be much appreciated.

That all being said. We just moved into a new house that needs about 8 acres of field mowing. 3 of it I do with our FL525 deck mower towards the house. I bought from the home owner. It was rarely used, and am currently replacing belts on it and servicing it for the winter. The back five acres are pretty thick, and we are trying to erradicate the yucca out here and spray after being cut. It took the entire summer with an axe and trailer loads of those damn plants to finally clean up out front and be able to deck mow.

I am in the process of finding a 5 or 6' brush hog for a 3 pt tractor connection. It seems that it would be very easy to convert to a hydro motor unit, reinforce the deck and I will fab the mounting cradle. I know a couple guys who have done it and have been happy with the setup. Its a lot cheaper than buyin a 30 year old diesel tractor for 5k and shaft brush mower specifically for mowing and thats all it will ever do, maybe twice a year.

New brush units are 3-5k from bobcat and equivalent companies. I plan to build my own this winter. I am going to rent one from bobcat to do about 5 acres and see how it goes and make a final decision. I noticed the pump on these units is rated for 17 gpm at 2650psi. I plan to size the hydro motor for tq/rpm off that, but I am curious if it can even keep up with a standard bobcat mower. I plan to give them a call today on it. We will see. I sure hope it will do the job, as 700 bucks once or twice a year to have someone come do it is not in the cards.

Anyways I know I rattled off quite a bit, but I am looking forward to any advice/help you all can offer on the upkeep of the unit.

Thanks in advance
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