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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first post. I recently took delivery of a JD 855 from a family friend. I have been running a JD 955 since I was a small boy (love the machine) and the price on the 855 was too good to pass on. The 855r was not well maintained, I was aware of this going in.

The owner never did any maintenance himself on the 855. He would have it "serviced" every other month or so, though the level of service he received was... poor. As far as I can tell the machine was never greased. All of the zerks were either missing, broken off, or not taking grease. The hydraulic fluid was so low that it didn't even show on the dipstick until I had added nearly a gallon. The power steering is intermittent and the FEL has little to no power.

This 855 was intended to be a weekend project for me, but before I jump in trying to bring it back to life, I wanted to pick everyones brains a bit.

My primary concern/question is whether or not I am looking at replacing the hydraulic pump or whether cleaning the screen/changing the filter and fluid/ etc will perhaps bring things back to life?

The 855 is around 1000 hours if that is of any help regarding my concern.

My father raised me to service our machines (like the 955) religiously so I have a limited amount of experience with trouble shooting hydraulic issues on this type of JD.

I plan to service the 855 this weekend and will report back how things go, but I wanted to start this thread soonest so that I have an idea of what I may be getting into once the weekend rolls around.



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I would start with the screen, filter, fluid service and see what happens.
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