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I'm new to the forums (and to power train repair) so please, i apologize if this is the wrong place to post. I inherited an older JD GT225 lawn tractor at my job, ran great just needed some engine work which i was successful in doing myself. Over time I began to have trouble with the power train shaft, the pulley that goes on it was stripping the grooves on the shaft. I thought, hey we can order a new one, replace it and we will have a perfect machine for plowing paths in the winter. I got what I thought was a pretty extensive schematics of the power train and opened up the trans axle successfully, everything inside was inspected and looks beautiful (except for the shaft). The shaft runs down, through the cylinder block, through the case, and the base of the shaft rests on the pump (which is supported by a spring with a filter around it).
The pump is where i have a problem. It's only 4 pieces, it has 2 gear looking pieces that go inside one and other and sit on a circular piece (which is the base of the pump and supported by the spring). In that circular base there is a round hole that a very small piece (cylindrical in shape with a small hole at one end and what looks like folded metal at the other with a tiny ball inside) fits into. My question is, does it matter what way i put the small cylindrical piece in. My schematic isn't that defined and I don't want to put everything together only to find it's upside down. The pump can only be ordered in one piece and includes the 4 pieces but the cylindrical thingy isn't installed (i ordered a new one after noticing the cylinder was missing). Can anyone help me out?
I apologize for my lack of proper terminology but my parts manual only lists it as a pump it doesn't list each individual piece. Also sorry for the long windedness of the post but I find it's better to be thorough.
Thanks in advance and please help the snow is falling and I don't like to shovel.
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