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Just picked up this used JD Hyd. dump MCS. I have been looking for a system to use on my 1025R and stumbled on to this system when doing a search on craigslist.
I didn't like the way JD mounts the rear bagger MCS that they build OEM for the 1025R so I was looking to do something else. I knew JD built these hyd. dump MCS's back when the 400 and 55 series tractors were built but never ran across one until now.
A dealer in northern PA traded this one in and had it for sale for $950.00. I offered him $800.00 and he took it. It's in pretty good shape. It doesn't look like it had been used very much.
I'll have to order the LP23082 mower boot for my 60" IRON deck which is made for an 8" hose and of course the blower inlet on the Hyd. MCS is 7".
Next step, make it adapt to my QH.


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