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JD weight box filled with concrete and 2" receiver.

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Shipping would be a pain so it'll have to be local.

$ 200 ?


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Why are you selling it Will? What do you use for ballast?
I'm with Kenny on that question. It looks too good and useful to sell.
If you could get it local in Michigan I would buy it.
I bought it for my (late) fathers 4410. When he passed in 07, my BIL bought the tractor and had a BH mounted to it.

The weight box went home with me. It's been sitting idle ever since.

I just don't use it, my 790 has a BH and times when I do remove the hoe, it's only to mount something else to the rear.
I've got a another tractor for the ballast box. :laugh:
Pulled off market, decided to keep it.
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