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John Deere 1020 won't run with timing lined up

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I recently purchased a jd 1020 from a guy at work for a pretty decent price has alot of new or recently replaced parts had a small miss at idle so I replaced plugs check points gap lashed vavles ran pretty good after. Ran it around the yard used the loader alittle and seemed way underpowered for what it should be so wanted to try all the gears and it will not even go down the road in higher gears fall right on its face so I check the timing and it's way out I line the timing mark up with the "s" mark on crank at 2500 rpm and engine doesn't sound right and won't run under 1000 rpm or start until I move timing back to were it was is there something I'm missing that could make the timing be so far off and not run right? Haven't messed with many John Deere tractors but turned alot of wrench's on equipment
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Why are you posting this in two forums?

Look for the reply in the other post.
Sorry new to this forum thing and didn't think the other one posted
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It posted.
I replied. ;)
Sorry new to this forum thing and didn't think the other one posted
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