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Does anybody have a JD 246 for their 55 series tractor? I have a chance to pick up a 246 in very good condition and it is missing a few parts, like the driveshaft from the quick hitch to the gearbox, the quick hitch itself and the long driveshaft from the mid PTO to the quick hitch carrier bearing. I just bought a 47 inch snowblower for my JD 655 yesterday so now I have the quick hitch, carrier bearing & the long driveshaft. Is there another bracket that connects the top of the quick hitch to the broom's frame?


I know part number 26 goes to the bottom of the quick hitch bracket, but does part number 34; the handle, go into upper part of the quick hitch bracket? Where does part number 7 come into play?

Any pictures would be greatly appreciated.


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