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Alright folks, this really pains me, but it needs to be done. Things have changed significantly in my life, basically overnight. I'm mostly getting feelers out, as my next door neighbour is already very interested for his rural property, but I want the GTT folks to take a swing at things first. Please bear in mind I'm talking Canadian dollars. If you are American, I cannot help you with export/shipping, although exchange rate is about 70 US cents on the CAD dollar.

First option: Selling my factory 46 backhoe. You would require to have Power Beyond already installed (or have it installed, about $1700 CAD). I will not sell this for less than $7000. Keep in mind, a new backhoe on a 2025R will set you back about 10K, and will not have the same "power". You would receive the subframe, and the subframe attachments, which IIRC, will fit a 4100, 2320, 2520, and 2720 (currently installed on my 2520).

Second option: Complete 2520 purchase, includes 62D mower deck and TLB setup. Machine is well maintained, currently has under 200 hours (still using it for snow removal in my cul-de-sac, last I checked it had 190ish hours). $28000 CAD. As it is currently financed, special steps will be required to transfer ownership into your name. Contact for more info.

Third option: Complete compact tractor sell-out: This would include all attachments as listed.

John Deere 2520 (including power beyond), tires @ about 80%. No leaks. Three-point attachment hardware.
46 backhoe
200CX loader with bucket
62d mower deck with all brand new idlers and belt, the old belt in good condition, a brand new spindle, many spare bearings, etc.
HLA 1500 snowpusher with backdrag option. I have custom "puck board" cutting edges made for the backdrag, so as not to damage pavers/asphalt/etc.
62" 3 point snow blower
5 foot 3 point box-blade
800lbs forks
LED work lights
strobe beacon with variable pattern.

This would run $30k (CAD). As above, because of existing financing, special steps will apply.

Attachments not shown in picture. Will take detailed pictures for everything if anyone shows real interest.
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