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John deere 3038e 3 point adjusment. Help

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My Uncle has a John Deere 3038e and the back when we use the attachment it drops either too fast and then we can't stop it while it's dropping. It just doesn't control it accurately is there a way to make that adjustment we just put new filters and new hydraulic fluid in it. It only has 312 hours on it. Can anybody please give me advice please and thank you cause I know that it's gonna cost a lot just to take it for them to turn a few knobs.
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There should be a round knob below the seat, probably black, about 2" in diameter.

It controls the rate of drop for the rear hitch.

Turn it clockwise to close till the rate of drop is better.
There is a t shaped handle that has a picture of a belt with two pulleys and a + symbol to go counter clockwise and a - symbol to go clockwise. I just used it for the first time since we changed the fluids and both filters. It seems Iike it didn't respond until I got to 7 and then up till 9. Then u could here the pump like surging while I had it near 9. I don't know if that means anything or not. Thought I would say what just happen.
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