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John Deere 3050 low pressure front pump

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Hi everyone!
Please help. John Deere 3050.
After connecting a pressure gauge to the front pump at idle, the pressure increases to 40-50bar only. I will add that the rockshaft is locked in the upper position and it is impossible to lower it (in the middle of the roskcdk feel resistance when moving the lever)
What can be the problem? Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot Tx Jim for your reply!!!
yes i turned the screws to the left but it didn't help.
The tractor is a new purchase, it has not worked in the field yet - I replaced the filters shortly after purchase.
The 3 pt control handle is move forward in quadrant.
In the next one I check the front pump and this is what it looks like: o_O


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Tx Jim, please help. the front pump gave 120bar at max speed. I repaired it and it didn't help. What could be the cause? in the tank above the front pump there is high pressure until there are leaks as you can see in the pictures. can you help? View attachment 893500
View attachment 893501
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