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You clean the screen on the tank petcock?

Going 10 rounds with my 300 JD, so I feel your pain.

"I detached fuel line from the tank and confirmed that the tank valve is NOT closed or blocked. I then removed the other end of the line from the fuel pump and blew some compressed air through the line and confirmed that THAT was not blocked."

For what it is worth, there is a screen you might want to look at and clean inside the tank, just for your own piece of mind.

The petcock ( shut off valve) can be unscrewed from the tank. Take care when removing from the tank, the screen is about 1 1/2 inch long and can be damaged e-z.

Just bought a dirt bike that has been sitting a few years, (with less than 40 miles) and the bad gas I got out of the tank / carb / was unbelievable. It was like tar.

The corn syrup gas additive we get on the west coast is something not to let sitting for long.

You could always do a gravity feed system to make sure it is not a fuel pump issue.
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