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Hexa Fox,I too think this was just an information misunderstanding. You will find that the people here 99.99999% of the time,DO in fact know what they are talking about. You won't find bull**** here (unless you're talking to Gizmo of course:mocking:). We pride ourselves in helping others to the best of our ability. I hope you gained some useful advice from what was posted in your thread.

I too am 5' 10",and my 2520 is a perfect fit.Even with a larger seat. If you are serious about the 25/27 20. The best thing to do is try and find new old stock. The newer (2014) 2000 series with the new emissions crap will be lacking in comparison. Maybe your fathers dealer friend could help you find one.

Good luck in your search.:)
Hey I am really interested in seeing a larger version of your profile picture. I see you have a smaller tractor there like one of the X700's or similar to it. What is that beside it? Is it a 2320 (or in the same series?) or 3320 (or in the same series)? I have never really been able to compare them. I need to go out to my dealer when I get a chance. Because regardless of what others say the 2320 I know for a fact is not too much larger than a normal lawn tractor. Now don't get me wrong I know it is larger especially if you are talking about the back tires but realistically it isn't huge compared to most normal lawn tractors.

Also if I am going after a larger tractor 2320-3320 I will probably just get put some money down and pay a couple extra thousand dollars. Maybe not to you guys but to a guy that is rather new I would rather make sure everything is crystal at least starting off. I got a quote on a John Deere 2320 with only the 54" Belly Mower and he said he could do $14,600. Also no tax because he can say it was delivered since technically he is in a different state. Also I am not sure if there is room to bargain on that price either. I am sure a 3320 with a 72" Belly Mower (or whatever I decide on getting) will be around $20,000+ but have to take into consideration all the jobs that it will do better and faster than the 2320.

Then my biggest problem is when I think of a nice $8,000+ Ztrak sitting there... doing absolutely nothing in the winter it is a total turn off. I guess the real reason I want a tractor is I guess I am young and just think they are something cool... if you guys can understand that. I also am probably going to be working part time also so if business doesn't go the way I plan I can pick up the slack. I know that doesn't sound like an idea plan but to me it does.

This is exactly how I think of it. Buy it and do my best to get it paid off then after it is paid off I have a piece of equipment that is doing nothing but making me money. That is why I was so into the idea of getting a enclosed trailer and trying to make my investment last. Because every year after I have it paid off is pretty much just gravy. So the longer it lasts the better.
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