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John Deere 348 Baler Knotter

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Hello all,

I have a John Deere 348 that I use to bale shredded paper. I’ve got a custom paper shredder that feeds directly into it so I can shred and bale several large rolls of paper at once. In about eight hours my guys can usually knock out 120 55lb bales.

My issue right now is that the right knotter is messing up. The twine keeps pulling out before the knotter has a chance to tie. Sometimes it happens immediately after the previous knot, sometimes it happens just before the next knot. Only one in five bales is successfully tied right now.

I have little to no experience working on this machine, but am a fairly adept problem solver if I can be pointed in the right direction. Does anyone have an idea as to why it is doing this?

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My first guess would be your twine holder or twine disc is out of adjustment and not keeping the twine in the knotter. I’m more familiar with NH knotters but they all work similarly.
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