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John deere 401B No Hydraulic Pressure

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The hydraulic fluid is not circulating in my john deere would the main pump be bad want to make sure before I spend $1000 I took the filter off its empty I just replaced all the fluid and filter and nothing in the filter after running it for 5 min. no hydros work the lines are empty going to the pump...HELP PLEASE!!!! Here is what I done to it put in a new clutch,pressure plate,throw out bearing,new fluid and trans filter....This has the reverser nothing works loader don't move, tractor don't move,hitch arms don't move, power steering don't work..... I put hydro oil in the tank above the hydro pump and the hitch arms lifted but the were jittering but that only happens once when I fill the tank then it emptys out....I am totallly lost the hydros worked when I pulled it in the barn but were a bit weak any help will be greatly appreciated.
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I would say the main pump is ok if it pumps when you fill the reservoir up front. The transmission pump has to supply oil to the main pump for it to work. The transmission pump is driven from the clutch. If everything worked before clutch was replaced, Then I would suspect possibly incorrect clutch disk is not engaging splines on shaft or disk installed backwards. Possibly damage was done to transmission pump when tractor was rolled back together. If splines on shaft are not aligned when tractor was rolled together, damage to clutch disk or shaft or other damage can occur. What was the reason for clutch replacement? If clutch was slipping, did it slip in forward and reverse? Did the reverser control valve get removed when the tractor was split? If so, then oil tubes inside of transmission could have gotten out of place causing transmission pump oil to be dumping to sump internally. Lots of possibilities here...

clutch disk can only go one way otherwise it wouldn't set flat on the flywheel.....its was split due to clutch being wore and would not go into gear so new clutch was installed....slid together nicely had to move flywheel one tooth and easily went together...and parts were looked at to make sure the samething was going back in.....never touched the there anyway to check the transmission pump? maybe pulling off the shifter cover to see anything I don't know how to check that let me know thank you for the help it gets me thinking...
ok I checked the new clutch and pressure plate and the clutch slips so its not turning the shaft how do I fix this it has all new parts now I don't know what to do the manufacturer made the clutch plate thinner what were they thinking made more work for me!:nunu:
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